Early in 2005, Joseph Bobrow, along with veterans and interfaith leaders, began thinking about the need for a community response to meet the challenges faced by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families.

  • How could we create a safe place, a welcoming community of compassion and understanding?
  • How could we bring together the best from psychological trauma research and practice, with stress management tools like mindfulness meditation and yoga, and expressive modalities like writing and drawing, in order to transform trauma and enhance well being?
  • How could we assist veterans and families in reconnecting mind, body, heart, spirit, and behavior -- with identity, meaning, family and society?

From these early conversations, connections blossomed among older veterans, experienced trauma therapists, service personnel, and interfaith leaders, all of whom wanted to contribute to easing the wounds of war. The Coming Home Project was born.

Deep Streams Institute

The Coming Home Project is a welcoming, non-denominational community service of Deep Streams Institute, a 501(C)(3) non-profit charitable organization. Deep Streams offers Zen Buddhist practice and provides continuing education for mental health and other health professionals as it develops new integrative models for transforming suffering and creating wellbeing. It also serves and creates community through holistic peace building programs for veterans and their families and care providers. Deep Streams Institute invites you to join us as we practice, study, and build peace –- and share the fruits for the benefit of all.