Community Education and Consultation

Speakers Bureau

The Coming Home™ Project, with its cohort of licensed, trained psychotherapists, and experienced chaplains, veterans and family members, is able to tailor classes, trainings, presentations, workshops, in-services or other educational programs for colleges and universities, mental health and professional organizations, veteran service organizations, churches, military installations and units, and a variety of first responders who need to understand what today’s veterans, service members and their families are going through, how best to assist them, and how to maintain themselves (self-care) in the process. Topics vary across the deployment cycle and include (partial list) military culture, post traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, resilience and wellness enhancement, stress management skills, couples’ communication, child development and parenting, improving sleep, grief and loss and other subjects. Presenters and class content and process can be customized to the setting and the needs of the particular group. With our broad experience we are also able to tailor classes and programs directly for veterans and families themselves, as we have done at our successful Coming Home™ residential retreats, and for the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program. In the past three years we have presented to more than 1000 people. Let us know if we can be of help to your group.

Trainings for Therapists and the Public

In collaboration with the University of California San Francisco, University of California TV, the Coming Home™ Project has produced the "Treating the Invisible Wounds of War" series.  Broadcasts include talks on topics such as Treatment of war-related trauma, PTSD, TBI, Children of Military Families, Spirituality and Military Cultural Competency.  To view our video archive please visit the Training Videos section of this website. 

Organizational Collaboration

The Coming Home™ Project works in unison with other local and national veterans services groups to provide programs, educational events, and workshops.  We build mutual understanding, support & respect, while reducing isolation through presence and partnership in these community groups.

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