The Coming Home™ Project offers a continuum of services that address the psychological, emotional, spiritual and relationship challenges experienced during all stages of deployment, especially reintegration. We serve veterans, their families and their professional care providers:

Residential Retreats:
These multi-day, community-building experiences, enable connection through peer support.  Retreats are not therapy, but are therapeutic and include:

  • Sharing stories and experiences
  • Stress management skills classes
  • Creative expression
  • Outdoor recreation

Retreats are offered throughout California and are open to all OIF or OEF veterans and their families. The Coming Home™ Project covers all participant costs, including transportation, lodging and meals. Click here to download a detailed analysis of the concrete outcomes our veteran and family participants experience, or click here for an evaluation of our 2010 service provider retreat.

Psychological Counseling:
Our therapists are trained in military culture, the challenges of PTS & TBI, and working with grief and loss. They offer their services pro-bono, in Northern California, to veterans and their families. Counseling is free and completely confidential.

If you, or some you know, would benefit from this service please contact our clinical coordinator for referrals, Dr. Loren Krane, at (415) 563-3540 or

Community Support

  • Training for Therapists:  Broadcasts on topics such as PTSD, TBI, Military Children, Spirituality and Cultural Competency in collaboration between the Coming Home Project, UCSF, and UCTV.  View our video archive: Training Videos
  • Organizational Collaboration: The Coming Home Projects works in unison with other local and national veterans services groups to provide programs, educational events, and workshops.
  • Speakers Bureau: Our faculty, staff, adn advisors talk to veterans, service organizations, and counselors regularly to help build connectivity and understanding.