Veterans Toolkit Workshop

Veterans Toolkit Workshops provide the tools, support, and strategies for charting a new course in life or improving the current course. Fellow veterans join in a comfortable, nonjudgmental, interactive setting; participate in a supportive network that fosters career and educational growth; receive input from top-notch experts who can help map future goals; tap into existing skills-set; and learn practices to maintain a balanced mind, body, and spirit.

Veterans Toolkit Workshops Provide:

  • Mentors from American Corporate Partners, who will share lessons learned in career development and employment strategies.
  • Social networking technology instruction, with practical skills in using virtual tools to make the most job searches, connecting with fellow veterans, and keeping updated with new information.
  • Networking opportunities, to meet and connect with representatives from a range of educational, job training and employment resources. This includes a job fair with representatives from various organizations.
  • Instruction in proven wellness practices such as meditation, qigong, and yoga, that help manage the stresses that come witeducational and career demands.